Los Angeles law enforcement hit protester in the face with rubber bullet

Location: Los Angeles, California

Date: 2020-05-30

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SWIPE ⬅️ THE IMPACT OF A RUBBER BULLET. The POLICE fractured two bones on the right side of my face. The POLICE busted open the area in the back of my cheek and right below my temple. THE POLICE are the reason for the stitches I’m carrying in my face this morning. A rubber bullet is as lethal as any of the hardest objects in the world coming hatefully across your face. So, how am I feeling? ENRAGED. A rage because you want to go back out but the doctors said that even the slighting impact on my right side could break my entire face. The POLICE did that. How am I feeling? HURT. Hurt because people, even people I love and respect, don’t want to admit that protestors come in peace and that the violence aimed at majority Black and Brown peaceful protesters is not the same violence aimed at the White rioters who decide to burn buildings, break windows, and steal liquor leaving it to the blame on us that are peaceful. How am I feeling? LOVE. I feel a guided love not for the folks who busted open my face, but for MY PEOPLE! My people who will show up and put their bodies on the line again. My people who take our pain and turn it into greater magic. Fix your face, they say? Maybe I could if the POLICE didn’t decide to break it. #DefundThePolice

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