One bad apple spoils the bunch.

In a truly free nation, nobody is above the law. Let's hold our public servants accountable to the laws we trust them to enforce.

This website will list instances of police brutality which have been catalogued by the 2020 police brutality organization. To learn how you can help document the excessive force being used by police officers on our streets, please click here.

We must demand accountability from our law enforcement officers. It is our hope that every violent act by a police officer depicted on this website will be investigated, and that justice is served fairly, in the manner our constitution demands. We may only truly be free when all people in our country are equally accountable to our laws.

Please note that the videos and images on this website may be disturbing for some people. We encourage you to watch them anyway. If you see something upsetting that happened in your local area, please contact your local government representatives, your police chief, and local media. Demand that the officers involved be held accountable for their actions.

1050 Cases of Police Brutality

You can see the big list of incidents below, or browse by city or state.